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How to be a Woman

Dear Lovelies,

I hope all is well out there with you. I am taking a small vacation right now back at my parents house in NJ. I'm here for some celebrations and so far, it is splendid.

Cruising around on the internet tonight in my time off I ended up at one of my favorite blogs: www.stevepavlina.com

If you have not checked it out I suggest you do now - there is ALOT of valuable information there. Tonight I found a great article:
How to be a man which I read. At the end of the article, I was thinking, hmm...maybe I should read how to be a woman - since that is what I am. haha. Steve already got to it and had women readers submit articles. Here is the link to the submissions. I like the second one down.
How to be a woman

Read and embrace your femininity!