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The inspiration of The Great Women’s Podcast is to inspire women to not be afraid to reach for their dreams, to overcome any obstacle and share the success of everything life has to offer! If you are a Great Woman or know of a Great Woman and would like to be considered for the podcast please send an email to: elissagennello@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting!!


TGW: Episode 2 Click Here!! Aviva Yael Author of No Regrets

Hello All you Great Women (and Men!) out there! Here is Episode #2! With my guest: Aviva Yael, author of the book: NO REGRETS The Best, Worst and Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever. The book is a compilation of pictures with captions written by Aviva. Today we will find out how she got her inspiration and what it took to publish her book. For all you chicks that want to publish a book out there, this podcast is for you! I interviewed Aviva on the phone with my new phone-microphone. It's my first time doing it this way so please excuse the static! I tried my best, having LIFT FM kindly mix it down for me! Thank you LIFT FM!! And thank you Hillel Aron for writing the About this go-around. Hillel is a great man, but we still love him here. OK, hope you find the podcast enjoyable. Email me! elissagennello@gmail.com

Check out Aviva's blog at: everythingisannoying.com