About The Great Women

The inspiration of The Great Women’s Podcast is to inspire women to not be afraid to reach for their dreams, to overcome any obstacle and share the success of everything life has to offer! If you are a Great Woman or know of a Great Woman and would like to be considered for the podcast please send an email to: elissagennello@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting!!


Come back soon!!

Episode 2 will be up next week! I apologize for the delay! Next week: AVIVA YAEL!! Author of: No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever Check back next week to hear the interview!


Episode 1: Smack Undies owner, Sophie Marquart

Episode #1: Smack Undies owner, Sophie Marquart, the pioneer of panties stopped by the studio to chat for the first episode of The Great Women. It was an honor to have such a passionate and inspiring woman as the first guest. I think you will enjoy as Sophie passes along some gems of knowledge from owning a profitable small business successfully for the past eight years.

Check out Sophie's undies on the web at: www.buysmack.com


Intro Music

Our wonderful intro music is provided by: Chy. Check out her music at: http://www.myspace.com/showgirlsmusic or click the 'Showgirls" link under Friends of The Great Women



Welcome to The Great Women’s Blog and Podcast!!! Thank you for visiting! Biweekly we will be interviewing one amazing, inspiring, passionate, entrepreneurial woman who dares to think outside the box and make her own way through life! Every podcast I will find out what it took to get her where she is now. I will dive into the deep nitty, gritty & learn how she became the successful woman she is today! For the first Great Women's Podcast, Sophie Marquart, owner & founder of Smack Undies will be our guest! The podcast should be up next week!!! Please stay tuned!!!