About The Great Women

The inspiration of The Great Women’s Podcast is to inspire women to not be afraid to reach for their dreams, to overcome any obstacle and share the success of everything life has to offer! If you are a Great Woman or know of a Great Woman and would like to be considered for the podcast please send an email to: elissagennello@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting!!


Hari Bhajan: Spiritual Leader and Yogamint Creator

Hari Bhajan is a very positive, caring and lovely human being. She is a genius life coach, poet and creator of the highly inspiring website: www.yogamint.com. Today we are lucky enough to have her on the show! Hari Bhajan studied directly with Yogi Bhajan. On the show she shares with us memories of his teachings as well as discusses being a spiritual entrepreneur, giving us tips on growing our business into a successful enterprise. This really is a very uplifting show!


May 2010 be 2010 x's better than 2009 for you!

Please feel free to email me with your concerns and or if you need guidance with your business!


Welcome 2010!!

2010 is here! Yay!! 2010 has a lot of great things coming up. Next up, we have owner of Yogamint, Hari Bhajan, She is a very powerful, inspiring spiritual teacher, so stayed tuned for that! We also have a great line up of entrepreneurial women, including a self-made, now retired millionaire who is still in her 30s!!! Amazing!! TGW will also be expanding out of the blog and into a website with articles, interviews, videos and more!!! And thats just the beginning for what we have planned! It's going to be an amazing year. I'm so glad to have you here! Keep on tuning in. And feel free to email me with your suggestions and comments. Lots of love,